10 Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

10 Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

There’s nothing like a good bulletin board to brighten up your classroom or hallway. I’ve seen some amazing door decorations as well, but perhaps we’ll save that for another post.  If you’re looking for a Christmas themed bulletin board for your church or Children’s Ministry, you’ve come to the right place.  Keep browsing for ten ideas to get you started!

10 Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Church


#1 Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men: Made By God

This idea comes from My Classroom Ideas and it looks like each of the kids got to decorate their own gingerbread man for this lesson.  I think it would be great to tie in the concept either with creation or with Psalm 139 (fearfully and wonderfully made) or Ephesians 2 (God’s Handiwork).

#2 God’s Gifts


This idea comes from MPM Ideas.  Hope on over to the original post for full directions and printable templates!  I love the simple and clean look of the display. Eye catching and meaningful.

#3 Light of the World

Light of the World

This picture was uploaded by a user on Pinterest (no original post), but I love the concept.  It would be especially cool if you could put lights up around the outside of the bulletin board as well.  We did a project similar to this with the kids a few years back with finger prints, and it might be good to tie the two projects together somehow.

More Christmas Fun!

Our fingerprint craft

#4 Simple Silhouette

nativity siloutte080

Looking for something without a lot of words?  Check out this beautiful silhouette That Artist Woman. Head on over to her blog to get the full directions on how to make your own stunning display.

# 5 Naming the Baby

Naming the Baby Jesus

Here’s a great bulletin board which focuses on the names of Jesus.  I love the big stars above the baby  Jesus’ head.   It might be cute too to use some pages of a baby name book along the edges as well.

# 6 The Snowflake Approach


This idea comes from MPM as well (great resource).   In order to make it tie into the Bible more, you could go the Psalm 139 or Ephesians 2 route again (same as the gingerbread men).  Job 33:4 might also be a neat verse to go along with this theme (check out more verses about being created by God here).

#7 Wise Men Follow Him

Wise Men Follow Him

You might have seen this concept a few other places (it’s a clever one), but you can grab the complete digital download from Christian Book for only $5, taking most of the work out of setting up the display!

Here’s another version:

Wise Men #2

#8 J for Jesus

Jesus Candy Cane

This is a pretty simple display, but it would be great to take it up a notch and include the “Legend of the Candy Cane” somewhere as well as a little paper basket glued to the display full of candy canes.  A multi-sensory experience!

#9 Joy to the World

Joy to the World

This is actually a place mat from Tabletop truths, but I love the look and it would be terrific as a bulletin board display!

#10 Happy Birthday Jesus


This is a fun one and would be even better if you could make the gift 3-D with a small flat box.  You could also make the bulletin board interactive by putting little gifts all around and encouraging people to write in “What gift will you give God this year?”


 Okay, I couldn’t keep it to just 10, but I’ll just post the pictures for the next few ideas!

O Holy Night (uploaded by user)

O Holy Night with hand prints for the wings

King Size Bed

The original King Size Bed

James Good and Perfect Gift (user upload)

All Gifts from God


Love these Angels!

More Resources You Might Light

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