10 Easter Games to Play with the Family

10 Easter Games to Play with the Family

Are you planning a get together with the family this Easter?  Here are a few games to play with the kids and teens to get the fun really rolling! Most games require plastic Easter eggs, so head to the nearest dollar store and stock up!

#1 Bucket Head

Played as a two person team, one player holds a bucket on their head while the other play tosses Easter eggs into the bucket. Players must stand 5 feet apart (mark the floor with masking tape).  Of course, if you have little ones, you might want to adjust the distance. Line all the teams up at once and set the timer for one minute (display this video on an ipad for extra intensity).  Whoever has the most eggs in their bucket at the end of one minute wins!

#2 Egg Tower

Paper Towel Rolls: Fun Easter Games to Play with the Family!

Using empty paper towel rolls (or toilet paper rolls) and plastic eggs, players have one minute to build the tallest tower.  Originally, the game was played with one player  using 4 rolls and 4 eggs (see video below), but you might want to get the whole crew involved for more chaos and fun!

#3 Jelly Bean Toss

Players stand on opposite sides of a kitchen table (or behind two tables as shown in the video below) and toss jelly beans into cups.

 #4 Matching Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt

Fill a laundry basket with plastic eggs that are separated (you might have to cut the little tab that holds top and bottom together).  Four or five people surround the basket and try to make matches.  Once they’ve made a match, they put the completed egg in their bucket behind them.  The most matches at the end of 1 minute wins!

#5  Egg Sculpture

Easter Art Projects for Kids - Egg Sculpture

This is a slower paced game and might be better for some family members who don’t like the pressure of a one minute countdown! Divide the family up into teams of 2 or 3 people.  Give each team the same number of plastic eggs (at least 20) and a glue gun.  Working as a team, they have 5 minutes (or set your own time) to construct the tallest tower.   Idea originally from Fun a Day.

#6 Color Sort

color coded easter egg hunt

This would be a great game for the little ones in your group (and give the older bunch a break and a chance to watch!).  Set up 4-5 colored buckets and a laundry basket full of eggs (connected as whole eggs this time).  Have kids sort eggs into the correct matching bucket (take out any un-matching eggs ahead of time).  They can either play all together to beat the clock or they can take individual turns to see who can sort the most in a minute.  Image from Dollar Store Mom.

#7 Egg Tic Tac Toe

Taking turns, two players toss eggs (give each player a specific color) into cups to try to get three in a row.  I love the above pictured “game board” complete with grass found over at ROC Momma.

#8 Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt | Storypiece.net

This game takes a little more set up and is probably best with smaller crowds, but if you use these clues from Story Piece, you’ll be halfway on your way to a great game!

#9 The Egg Shake

Fill plastic eggs with different amounts of jellybeans (1 bean to 10 beans).  Players get one minute on the clock.  Player must shake each egg (you may want to tape it and provide a key to check with) and put them in order from least number of beans to greatest.

#10 The Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt For Teens

This is a game we did last year with the teens in the family and it was a big hit.  Check out out all the directions here! 

More Easter Fun!

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