10 Wild Water Games to Play with Kids

10 Wild Water Games to Play with Kids

Every year, we try to shake things up at church during the summer months.  We make each week a different theme and one of the top favorites is, of course, beach night.  Kids plan to get wet and we don’t like to disappoint!

If you’re looking for some great water games for kids, keep reading for some fun games we’re thinking about trying this year!

#1: Water Balloon Baseball

Water Games for Kids

Just like the real game, but instead of pitching softballs or whiffle balls, big ol’ orbs of water are lobbed at the kids.  At least no one will be catching your pop fly!  Personally, I’m in love with Bunch O’ Balloons –– the time saved is totally worth the extra cost.

#2: Sponge Pass Relay

Sponge Relay and More Great Water Games for Kids

Pass that sponge down the line!  Hold it too loose and you’ll drop it.  Squeeze it too tight and you’ll be getting wet.  It wouldn’t be quite so hard if you didn’t have to use your feet to pass the sponge along!  Check out the full directions at Sophie’s World.

#3: Duck, Duck, SplashDuck, Duck Splash and other fun water games for kids

You’ll know when you get picked in this game because it comes with a cup full of water on your head.  Good luck chasing the runner with water in your eyes!  Find the full directions at Kids Review.

#4: Water Sponge Attack

Water Sponges and other fun water games for kids

Let the kids go wild with this free-for-all game.  Check out how to make these amazing little sponge balls over at Dazzle Design.

#5 Bucket Brigade

The kids might have heard of a Bucket Brigade, but they  probably never been a part of one.  This is going to require a lot of buckets, but you could substitute large plastic cups as well.  Kids line up in teams (in a straight line, probably 5-6 kids per team).  The first child dips their cup/bucket into a large container of water getting as much as they can inside.  They pass it to the next child in line, dumping the water into the next cup/bucket.  It will go all the way down the line until it reaches the end.  Final child dumps it into a bowl/bin.  The first to fill up the bin/bowl to overflowing wins.

#6 Slip and Slide Kickball


If you want to get absolutely insane — go with this game.  It looks like a ton of fun, just make sure you’re paid up on the insurance!  For the sake of the children, you might want to skip the tarps and just use little pools for bases.

#7 Water Balloon Dodgeball

Water Balloon Fun for Kids

I think you can figure this one out.  Give each team a baby pool full of water balloons and then get out of the way!

#8 Waiter, Pass the Water

Pass the Water (and other games for kids)

In this race, kids must run from starting point to finish line carrying a cup of water on a tray (bonus points if they carry it up in the air like a waiter or waitress).  At the end, they dump the water in a bucket and then run back to the start to pass off the tray and cup to the next team mate in line.

#9 Bobbing for Apples

Water Games for kids

Who says this tradition has to be saved for the fall (when it’s too cold to play anyway!).  Grab a bag of apples and have kids race to see how many they can sink their teeth into before a minute is up.

#10 Capture the Flag, Sprinkler Style

Capture the Flag, Sprinkler Style

This is a good old fashion game of capture the flag, but the dividing line is made up of sprinklers.  We just used standard lawn sprinklers, but you could also rig up a pvc pipe with holes drilled in it for more spectacular fun.

Water Games for Kids

Find More Games Below:

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