Teaching Your Daughter Modesty

Teaching Your Daughter Modesty

We've been hosting an Appleseeds small group at our house for three weeks now. Appleseeds is a mentoring program geared towards preteen girls. Take a look at the Appleseeds book here.  Tonight, we talked about Psalm 139 and how much God knows us and understands us. For the manners sections (each night consists of craft, Bible study, and manner/etiquette sections), we talked about modesty. I wanted to give the girls something tangible to walk away with on the topic of modesty, so we looked at … [Read more...]

SpyGuy Video a Huge Hit!

SpyGuy Video a Huge Hit!

Spy Guy Visits the Classroom We've been using a curriculum called "The Zoo" for our midweek program. (This is a wonderful resource for smaller/midsize churches. It's free!) The curriculum runs in themes, with each theme lasting about three weeks. Currently we're working on "Secret Agent/Mission Impossible" theme. The lessons call for an amateur video to be shot of "Spy Guy" explaining some things about the Bible. I asked one of the dads to be Spy Guy and not only did he agree, he shot the … [Read more...]

Get Others to Help You

Some further thoughts on Reggie Joiner's book Think Orange... Family Value #5 Widen the Circle When Moses delivered the message of Deuteronomy 6, he did not just call the parents in to hear how they are to pass on godly values to their children.  He summoned all of Israel, making this a national issue, a tribal issue, a family issue (70).  Reggie sums it up this way, "If you are a leader, Moses is suggesting that you recognize why it's important to support the role of the family. If you are a … [Read more...]

When Do I Talk to My Kids About God?

Some further thoughts on Reggie Joiner's book: Think Orange Family Value #4 Create A Rhythm This was one of my favorite sections of this chapter because it gave some hands-on, practical ways to really start building values in children. Reggie dissects Moses' final speech (Deuteronomy 6) to the Israelites and brings it some modern day application. He puts it this way, "If you are going to impress these truths in the hearts of your children, you will have to be more deliberate about creating a … [Read more...]

Cultivate A Servant’s Heart in Your Child

Today in Children's Church, we discussed how Jesus was a servant to his disciples as he humbly washed their feet at the Last Supper. Of course, the application question was "How can we be a servant to others?" The kids were full of great answers as usual -- "share your candy", "be 4th in line", "be nice to someone". However, the lesson wasn't really about servant-like actions, it was about having a servant's heart. Now, how do we get from actions to a heart-state? Should the application question … [Read more...]

Making Faith Personal

Family Value #3 Make it Personal Before I start to shape who I want my children to become, I have to examine my own heart. Before I can ask who my children are becoming, I must examine who I am becoming. Indeed, the author boldly states, “…the greatest thing that could happen in the heart of a child would be what happened in the heart of a parent.” As parents, we are our child’s biggest role models. They imitate us, they look up to us, they reflect the attitudes and beliefs we communicate on a … [Read more...]