Instant Games for Children’s Ministry: Book Review

Instant Games for Children's Ministry I just picked up this book, because of it's fabulous price on Amazon. When it arrived in the mail, I was a little disappointed at the size. I'm not sure why, but I expected it to be bigger, taller, thicker.. something! Of course, size doesn't really matter. It's what's on the inside that counts (sounds like a great Children's Ministry lesson, doesn't it?) I started browsing through the pages. The premise of this book is: gather 14 EVERYDAY items and … [Read more...]

More Minute to Win It for Church

More Minute to Win It for Church

Recently, we did a Family Event using the Minute to Win It Games.  To see how it went, check out the Original Post for tips and more! Also check out Free CM Stuff for helpful comments about running an event like this. More Games Our Minute to Win It Event was such a hit, we're planning on doing it again in a few months. (Update: Check out our Back to School Bash, Minute to Win It style)  I was browsing through a little book I found in my grandma's attic (Great Games for All Ages), and found a … [Read more...]

The Hole in our Gospel: Book Review

The Hole in our Gospel: Book Review

The Hole in Our Gospel What does God expect of us? That's the tagline of the front cover of this book, written by World Vision president Richard Stearns. In this book, Stearns explores poverty around the world and the injustice we commit as Christians when we are aware of such situations and do nothing about it. Well written and insightful, this book gives a new glimpse into worlds far away and calls us to action in order to bring the "whole gospel" to the world around us. Stearns proposes … [Read more...]

The Experienced Egyptian: Advice from the Trenches

Advice about Vacation Bible School Just got an email today from one of the ladies I attended VBS University with.  She shared some of the lessons her church learned from their freshly completed Vacation Bible School program. Here's what she said: 1. There needs to be LOTS of stuff in the marketplace. The smaller the attendance, the more stuff there needs to be. 2. Having the marketplace outside was a great change of scenery, but the kids tended to lose focus. When we moved it inside … [Read more...]

Egypt VBS: Follow Up Idea (for preteens)

Our preteen ministry coordinator was browsing around looking for mission-oriented curriculum for our Sunday morning class and she found a Kid section on the of the Voice of the Martyr website. It's called Kids of Courage and has a number of different lesson books all available for free download. I took a look at the Bold Believers in Egypt (naturally, considering our VBS theme!). It's 57 pages! Impressive. The first 20 pages are facts about Egypt, and after that are stories and people in … [Read more...]

Egyptian Celebration: Motions and Costuming

Group's Egypt VBS: One True God httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7JRjLPqLIc Love the costuming and decorations in this one.  The motions aren't what we're going to go with, and I would have liked to see a little more smiling and enthusiasm, but they do make a great first impression. The Plans I Have For You httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_jmgg2qEgo&feature=related Good motions and good energy! Group's official video of One True … [Read more...]