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Molly Pickens: The Whole Story

If you read my original review of Molly Pickens you’ll know I had a few issues with the curriculum including: Lessons are too abstract for real-life application Too much emphasis on “power of love” Videos aren’t lesson driven enough/not enough biblical content After talking with Matthew Young, my issues with Molly were cleared up a bit.  Here’s what he shared: Media-Enriched, not Media-driven Molly Pickens curriculum is teacher-driven, media-enriched.  It is not a DVD-based … [Read more...]

Goals for Molly Pickens (interview with Matthew Young)

I'm excited to announce I had a chance to talk with Matthew Young, one of the creators of the Fantastic World series last Thursday.  After filling me in on some insight about Molly Pickens and talking about his recent release of Tiny Pirate, he shared some of the original goals of the Fantastic World series: Not Your Every-day Curriculum The adventures in the Fantastic World were never intended to be an on-going everday curriculum.  Instead, Molly Pickens was designed to break up the … [Read more...]

Now Released: Tiny Pirate (Fantastic World Series)

The makers of Molly Pickens have recently released a brand new series featuring all the Fantastic World friends.  The Fantastic World website describes it this way: All your favorite Fantastic World friends are back in four brand new adventures. First, Bill has trouble accepting Charles' new friend, Tiny Pirate. Next, Charles learns what it means to be responsible when he forgets to do his chores. Finally, everyone has to band together and help Tiny Pirate save his ship from the mischievous … [Read more...]

Molly Pickens: How it All Got Started

How did the Fantastic World Come About? Matthew Young, one of the producers and actor (Charles) in Molly Pickens describes the making of The Fantastic World curriculum “a God-thing”.    He and  his twin brother, Jared (Bill in Molly Pickens), didn't start out with curriculum writing in mind.   They both graduated from the University of Georgia and established an interior painting company in 2008.  The brothers also did a little acting in an improv theatre on the side.  A local youth pastor … [Read more...]

Back to School Party Ideas

Back to School Party Ideas

Looking for a way to make that "Back to School" time special in your Children's Ministry?  Check out some the following ideas.  Mix and match to make a one of a kind evening for your kids. Banana Theme Kids bring their own banana and everyone makes their own banana splits. Here are some banana games to go with the theme! School Supplies Give each kid a school supply sack filled with school supplies.  Check out this creative way to wrap the gifts in plaster of paris for some extra … [Read more...]

Minute to Win It: Game Ideas for Kids

Minute to Win It: Game Ideas for Kids

Looking for some ideas to play in your church based on the hit TV show, Minute to Win It? Check out the ideas below. Still need more? Check out the whole Minute to Win It series. Shoe Box Relay For this game, you need four shoe boxes (and a few spares).  The group is divided into equal numbers.   At the signal, the first person in line puts the two boxes on their feet and shuffles to the finish line (or cone) and returns to the starting line.  She passes off the boxes to the next … [Read more...]