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Sunday Sermon: Prosperity Gospel

httpv:// God is enough.  Let this be my heart's cry, Lord.  Let me rest in you alone. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our Church!  {Creating a Friendly Atmosphere}

Welcome to Our Church! {Creating a Friendly Atmosphere}

First Impressions Matter (A Lot) They walk through the doors of your church, eyes darting this way and that, trying to discern their next move.  Mom is holding a slightly nervous (and very wiggly) two year old as Dad ushers a five and seven year old along the hallway.   They are greeted by an usher and handed a "Welcome Packet".  This isn't their first church visit, so they aren't especially intrigued by this weighty piece of literature.  Instead, as they take their seat in the pew, Mom and Dad … [Read more...]

Identity in Christ

I found this video the other day over at Church Leaders and thought I'd share! … [Read more...]

Respect: Living, Leading, Teaching

Respect: Living, Leading, Teaching

Welcome to another edition of "What We're Reading Wednesday!"  Except it's Thursday.  Oops. After cramming almost six books into last week (plus a conference!), I'm taking it easy on the book reading front this week.  Besides browsing through Woman's Day, I haven't really touched any print materials, but I have been reading a lot of great online articles about Respect.  We're learning about respect in our Kids for Christ midweek program (252 Basics curriculum) and so as I was gathering up … [Read more...]

New Friends at #CMLeaders!

Besides the great teaching I received at CMLeaders, I also got a chance to make some new friends and meet some blogger friends in real life!  Very fun!  Let me introduce you! Wayne Stocks: Wayne and Tony were some of the first kidmin bloggers I met online. Wayne is constantly developing new ideas and great resources for kids and those who love them.  I got to know Wayne better when I served as a contributing author on his site Kidmin1124 and it was such a pleasure to meet him in person!  You … [Read more...]

John Branyan: CMLeaders Comedy

John Branyan: CMLeaders Comedy

At the end of Thursday night, CMLeaders surprised us with a fantastic comedian named John Branyan.   This guy was hysterical and a perfect way to end the first night.   Here's some of my favorite lines from the night. God makes funny stuff all the time.  He made West Virginia. You can have tons of fun in church.  You can even have fun with apple juice. Put in an Budweiser bottle first.  Serve it to the kids in the nursery. My kids have this little game they play at church.  While I'm … [Read more...]