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Who’s Excited about the Gathering??

I know I am!! If you need some extra jazzing up, be sure to check out this video about Creative Storytelling -- just a taste of all the goodness you'll experience at the Gathering!! TG13 .: Creative Storytelling :. PT 1 of 3 from TruMinistry on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

What a First Impression!

Have you heard about Worlds of Wow?  I had heard of this super creative company before, but have recently begun to take a closer look at all they have to offer.  As Reagan Hillier, president of Worlds of Wow, puts it: "Worlds of Wow creates ridiculously cool play spaces".  I have to agree.   Check out the promo video below which showcases some of their work: httpv://  I think the guy on the video put it perfectly in saying that these types of murals and … [Read more...]

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Next week (April 21-27, 2013) is the time to pull out all those great volunteer recognition ideas and honor those who help pull your Children's Ministry together.  What?  You're a little short on ideas?  Well, you've come to right place!  Here are some great ideas to show our Volunteer Team that you care: Picture from Personalized Magnets: You can get magnets the size of business cards with for about $10 for 25 at Vistaprint.  You could put an inspirational saying or a group … [Read more...]

Friday Freebie: Friends Serve Each Other Jeopardy Game!

Friday Freebie: Friends Serve Each Other Jeopardy Game!

All this month, we've been talking about Friendship during our Wednesday night kids program.  This week, the bottom line was: Friends Serve Each other.  The 252Basics curriculum included a fictional story about some school friends, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the lesson.  I wanted to talk about all the instances of people serving God or others in the Bible, but wasn't quite sure how to present the material. Of course, when in doubt, make a jeopardy game!! I usually design a board … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Road To Damascus

Check out this fun video I recently found! … [Read more...]

Budget Friendly Classroom Decorations!

Budget Friendly Classroom Decorations!

Have you ever been to a mega-church? You know, the ones with amazing wall murals in their "Children's Wing"?  Every time I visit one of these churches, I get such church-envy.  I'm jealous of their amazing decorations.  I'm jealous of their huge selection of Fair-Trade coffee.  Jealous of the 3-Story playhouse in the lobby.  At least I used to be jealous.  I had to do a lot of praying, but I realized that all those fabulous features don't actually bring people into the Kingdom of God.  Sure, … [Read more...]