252 Basics: Wisdom, Faith, and Friendship Posters

252 Basics: Wisdom, Faith, and Friendship Posters

This summer, we’re focusing on the BASICS while hanging out at base camp.     We use the 252Basics curriculum during Wednesday which is based on Luke 2:52:

And Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.

The basics are: Wisdom, Faith, and Friendship.

The kids helped me make some posters to decorate our humble “stage” area which highlight these three basics.

Basics Poster

Want to know how we made them?

Okay! Okay!  I’ll tell you.  🙂

To begin, we put some paint on a sponge.  I would recommend using a smaller kitchen sponge or even one of those shower loofas, but all we had was a car wash sponge, so that’s what we used!  I did the Wisdom poster and the kids did the other two — so you can see the different a little extra paint can make!

I had some pre-cut bulletin board letters that I had taped onto the posters to spell out “Wisdom”, “Faith” and “Friendship””.  Then we just sponged the paint right over top of the letters.


Then, I used puffy paint to make a decorative edge.

We waited until the paint was completely dry to take the letters off, but then the tape ripped the paper a bit, so it might be better to take them off right away.

Wisdom Poster

Letters freshly removed!

After the paint was dry and the letters removed, we typed out the definitions and printed them on standard printer paper.  Of course, you could go more fancy with the paper if you wanted, but we kept things easy.

Basics Poster

We glued on the definitions and hung on the wall (with duct tape of course).

There you have it!

Of course, there are WAY cooler posters you can buy from the Orange Store, but these fit into our budget a little nicer and the kids were happy to make them!

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