31 Weeks to Better Blog: Task 2

31 Weeks to Better Blog: Task 2

Write a List Post

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Today’s task is to write a list post. Darren Rowse explains:

“Using lists has always been a popular and effective technique among bloggers wanting to write content that spreads from one person to the next. Just look at pages like the front page of Digg, TweetMeme and Delicious and you’ll see that much of the hottest content on the web at any given time is written in this style.”

Check your workbook for full details and get posting! 🙂

My list for today:

Growing Kid’s Ministry’s Most Popular Posts

Other lists I’ve done:

Back to School Bash Minute to Win it Games

Five Ways Children’s Ministry is like the Movie Oceans

Preschooler Checklist for Spiritual Growth

Challenge Bloggers’ Lists:

Commander Bill: Recruiting 101

Grace Church: Seven Ways to Grow in Christ

Top Ten VBS Menu Choices

iTodd;s 5 most clicked on posts

Other great Ministry blogger lists:

Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs

Transitions: Steps that Work

Creating a Welcoming Environment for Children’s Ministry

Leave your list in the comments and I’ll add it to this post!

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  1. Thanks for everyone who has shared their lists so far. There is some great info!!

  2. iTodd;s 5 most clicked on post.

    There is the link for my list post.

    In closing allow me to leave 3 thoughts.
    1. I am enjoying reading those who have posted their list so far.
    2. I really like going through this as a group.
    3. Looking forward to reading more as everyone adds them.

    Sorry got carried away.

  3. Nice bit of humor there, Todd.

  4. How do you boost your pagerank?

  5. Jonathan, thanks so much for stopping by. I do not know how to boost pagerank since I am fairly new to the blogging scene myself. A few bloggers I’ve found very helpful for this type of thing are Problogger, BlogTyrant, and Seth Godin. Try a google search on them and you may find the answer to your question. If I find anything along the way, I’ll be sure to email you as well!