5 Reasons I’m Excited about the Gathering

5 Reasons I’m Excited about the Gathering

Have you heard about the Gathering yet?

I’m heading there this May, and I have to say — I’m pretty excited about it!

Here’s five reasons why:

The Gathering 2013

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1.  California weather!  

Okay, I know this is not the most spiritual answer I could give, but we’ll get to those in a moment.  🙂  Here in Pennsylvania, it’s still snowing outside my window and I am looking forward to sipping some coffee in the beautiful outdoor courtyard at Rock Harbor Church!

Gathering (26)

2. Amazing Ministry Leaders

Last year, I was so inspired listening to leaders like Michelle Anthony, Chris Brown, Tommy Larson, and Matt Barnes (take a look at my Gathering posts from last year).  I’ve been scoping out who’s on the agenda for this year and am very excited to learn from these ministry leaders.   I love that the Gathering is a smaller venue, allowing for questions and time to personally speak to many of the presenters.

3. New Friends!

Last year’s theme at The Gathering was “What’s Your Story”.  We were really encouraged to talk with other attendees and listen to their story.  It was so encouraging to hear about lives being changed in ministries across the country — kids and adults alike.  I met new friends and was so inspired by the work that God is doing through His people.

4. Bonus Activities

I love the fact that the conference organizers took the time to nourish our spiritual walk while we were at the Conference.  One “bonus activity” they planned was the prayer experience.  Throughout the sanctuary, different prayer stations were set up with instructions and specific things to think or pray about.  “Chapters of Our Lives” (pictured below) was one of the stations that really spoke to my heart.   This experience was perfect for quieting our souls and letting those of us who are always “busy doing ministry” really dwell with God in a meaningful way.

Are you headed to the Gathering?

5. Contagious Passion for the Ministry

I can’t begin to tell you how deeply the vision of Tru is planted in the Tru team.  I loved how Matt Barnes’ eyes lit up as he talked about the methods and the madness of making songs and videos for the curriculum.  I loved how you could see the passion in Michelle Anthony’s heart as she spoke about creating an environment for the kids to experience the Holy Spirit.  I loved the excitement that bubbled out of Stacy Igarashi as she showed me their volunteer orientation packet and talked about how much she loves explaining the vision to new volunteers.   It was contagious.  It was inspiring.  And it made me want so much more for my ministry.  I can’t wait to reconnect with a few of these folks and be reignited for greater things all over again.

What about You?

Are you headed to the Gathering?  If so, what are you looking forward to?  If not, what’s holding you back?


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  1. Frank Tan says:

    So jealous of you, Lindsey. 🙁

  2. You’ve still got a chance — did you enter to win?

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