5 Ways to Learn About the Old Testament with Kids

5 Ways to Learn About the Old Testament with Kids

We just started a series about Navigating the Old Testament.  Using a Disciple Town curriculum, we’ll be taking a look at each of the parts of the Old Testament (law, history, poetry, prophecy) and some important aspects of each.  Last week, we did a basic introduction to the Law and began to work with the kids on memorizing the books of the Bible (read more about it here!).

This week, we’ll talk more about how God gave the law to the Israelites and why it needed to be repeated so many times.  We’ll focus on the Biblical account of the 10 Commandments, and we’ll also touch on a few of the crazy laws of Leviticus.   The main idea is that the laws God gave, even way back then, still help us in our lives today!   To check out 10 Commandment themed activities, check out this post and this post which were published earlier on this blog.

Some Ideas to Consider

#1 Books of the Old Testament “Bookshelf” Chart

Books of the Bible Graph Chart

Not only is this chart a great idea for the kids to make (and can probably be adapted to almost any age), if you click through to the Thinking Kids Blog, you can find a 3 year free curriculum on exploring the Old Testament called Bible Road Trip!  There’s sure to be some great ideas in there!

Along the same line of thinking, there is a great series that does the entire Bible in a year that you might want to check out!  You can find it on Growing in God’s Grace. 

#2 Sorting Game


Everything is more fun when you make a game of it, and this ping pong style game is sure to be a challenge for the kids!  If you have younger kids, let them pick up the balls with their hands to sort. However, make those older kids use chopsticks for some crazy fun! For our purposes, we would sort by Old Testament classifications — but you can switch it up however you like!  Read all about it on Mr. Mark’s blog!

#3 Clipping Game

This is a great game for either an individual (get the fastest time!) or for kids to work on together as a team!  All you need is a hanger and some clothespins!  (Note to my Team: We already have clothespins like this made in Miss Diane’s SS room.)  Read more about this activity and others like it on Teaching Help.

#4 Worksheets and Word Work


A few of our kids LOVE word puzzles, and I been you’ve got a few kids like that too.  If so, hop on over to Bible Fun for Kids where they have an abundance of Old Testament based worksheets to browse from!

#5 Videos

I am a huge fan of the What’s in the Bible series and would encourage you to take a look at that collection for teaching kids (especially the older ones) about the history of and parts of the Old Testament.  I especially love the Leviticus video from Volume #3.


I also stumbled upon this great video about the days of Creation, in case you are looking for something similar!  Just had to share.

That’s all for now!  Stay tuned for more Old Testament fun!

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