6 Teaching Tips for Children’s Ministry

6 Teaching Tips for Children’s Ministry

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1. When you tell Bible Stories, keep the focus on God.

For example, yes Daniel was brave when he was thrown into that lion’s den, but it was God’s power that closed the mouths of the lions.

2. Encourage men to get involved in Children’s Ministry.

This helps to show kids (even preschoolers are forming expectations about church) that church is for women and men alike. If you know of a guy that would be great in the Children’s program, talk to him and encourage him to sign up for the Team!

3. Be intentional about telling children that God loves them and people in the church do too.

Create a sense of belonging and community so that kids want to return again and again.

4. Be enthusiastic

Welcome children and parents when they come to the program. Make sure you arrive before the children do. Play with the kids before the program starts and have fun!

5. Show respect for God during prayer time by encouraging quietness.

If someone is praying in the room, don’t huddle in the back and talk about your day. Engage in the prayer with respect and reverence and encourage the kids to do the same.

6. Use the Bible

Show the kids the Bible as you teach. Remind them that the Bible is God’s message to us. Read from the Bible whenever you can. Use the kids’ Bibles to teach from. This helps them to realize they can find the same story while at home too!

     These tips are from the book, “How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph”.  Check out other posts related to this book.
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