60 Ways to Show Appreciation To The People In Your Life

60 Ways to Show Appreciation To The People In Your Life

Now that school is back in session, it’s the perfect opportunity to start thinking about ways to show the kids’ teachers how grateful we are for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.

Teachers really are angels in our little ones’ lives and have the ability to impact them for so many years to come. They are endlessly patient, kind and yet firm with our children when they need to be. But between getting the kids to school, managing their after school activities and remembering to fit in valuable bonding time, we probably don’t find the time to thank teachers enough for everything that they do.

But there are so many easy (and inexpensive) ways to show someone you appreciate them that don’t take much time and really make a difference for the people you do them for.

To help you get started, I found an interactive generator that helps you think of 60 simple, meaningful ideas for how to show appreciation. And the best part is, it’s not just for teachers! The tips also include specific ideas for spouses, friends, kids and even those kind strangers you may meet throughout the day.

By involving your kids in the activities, you can teach them about how to be more loving and compassionate to others. And, by seeing you go out of your way to do these small things, you’ll be leading as an example of love and kindness.

Just select who you want to show appreciation to and let them pick their favorite activity or surprise! Whether it’s writing a handwritten letter to tell a friend or family member how important they are in their life or bringing extra supplies to class for the teacher to use in the classroom, your kids will love the rewarding feeling that comes from doing a selfless favor for someone else.

It really is the little gestures that can put the biggest smile on someone’s face!

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