A Pirate Fairy and a God Who Saves

A Pirate Fairy and a God Who Saves

We’ve been going through the God in Action Vacation Bible School curriculum on Wednesday nights.  It’s a super great program and even though our church doesn’t officially do VBS any more, I love to use these types of curriculum for the great theme and coordinating games and crafts. The kids have been loving the God in Action series.


This week’s theme was God SAVES.  It focused on John 3:16 and emphasized that God would do whatever it takes to save us and restore the relationship that sin destroyed.

God Saves! (Pirate Fairy Lesson Script)


Now it just so happened that it was Pirate Theme Night at our church.   And it also just so happened that my four year old daughter has recently become obsessed with Tinkerbell.  Let’s just say we’ve been watching her latest movie, The Pirate Fairy, quite a bit lately.

Tinkerbell and her friends

The Pirate Fairy movie not only fit in perfect with the night’s theme, it also coincided perfectly with the lesson.  I drafted up a little script, complete with clips from the movie.  I was a little concerned that it might be viewed as babyish by the other kids, but everyone seemed to be really engaged (even the boys).  Of course, I did pick the most intense scenes, so that might have helped.  In case your looking for a Pirate themed lesson, you can grab the complete teaching script below!

Pirate Fairy and John 3:16

The Pirate Fairy and John 3:16

God is a God who Saves


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