Action Bible New Testament and More! {Review}

Action Bible New Testament and More! {Review}

Have you checked out the Action Bible by David C. Cook yet?  This amazing comic book style version of the Bible is packed with excitement and really focused on Scripture.  Check out the promo video below:

We’ve used the Action Bible quite a bit with our preteens at church, so I was excited to check out the new books including The Action Bible New Testament and The Action Bible Handbook.

ActionBibleMy original Action Bible is packed (have I mentioned we’re in the middle of a move?), so I’m not sure if the New Testament is the same as in the original, but I imagine it it.  Even so. sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller book to pass onto a friend.  One of the things I really love about the Action Bible is the portrayal of emotions.  I especially love this feature as I read through the life of Jesus.  As the hip hop artist D.A. Truth states, “Christ was not a hippie picking lilies with his friends”, but too often that’s exactly how he is portrayed in children’s material.  I love that Jesus exhibits a multitude of emotions in this New Testament including anger, determination, compassion, sorrow and more.   It really brings home the point that Jesus was fully human while still being fully God.

I also like that Scripture references are given at the start of each story in case you want to read the full narrative.  Kids seem to really enjoy the comic book style writing of The Action Bible and I’m sure this version will be a big hit too.


I was super excited when I saw the Action Bible Handbook.  I’m a huge fan of Cool Bible Tools and this one is perfect for the older kid in your ministry.  It covers a number of things from the Bible, including many people and places.  It also explains (and gives references) for a few animals and concepts too.  I like how it gives page numbers for the Action Bible and references if you’re using an actual Bible.   I wish there were a few more pictures in it, but I know that cuts down on the amount of material.  All it all, a  great tool and I’m sure our preteen class will really enjoy using it.

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  1. Frank Tan says:

    Explore the Book, by J. Sidlow Baxter.

  2. This looks like a great resource, thank you for sharing!