Monday Morning Check-In: Planning Out Your Week

Monday Morning Check-In: Planning Out Your Week

So, I’ve been working on Maximizing My Mornings using an e-book I recently found online.   I am definitely seeing a pattern emerge in my life.   Monday, Tuesday, and usually Wednesday are super productive days.  However, after Wednesday’s late night at church, my physical and emotional energy are drained, and Thursday and Friday pretty much bottom out.  I plan a lot of outings on these days, partly to socialize and partly to avoid the tasks I need to be doing at home.    Now that I’ve identified that pattern, I’m not quite sure how to break out of it.  Any thoughts?

I have to say,  my morning worship CD has been great, and really helped me establish a regular habit of prayer and Bible study in the morning (where previously, it was squeezed in wherever).   Exercise has not made it to the top of the priority list, and I’ve noticed myself looking less and less at the to-do list (another avoidance tactic, I’m sure!).

This week, I’m planning on mapping out my whole week (tentatively) and putting it on my whiteboard in the hall– very visual and hard to escape.  The original Maximize Your Mornings e-book recommended putting 3 three on the to-do list each day, not counting quiet time, exercise, and dinner.   I have found that not all tasks are created equal.  For example, cleaning out the fridge might take an hour while trying to design a Legacy Milestones handout for the church board might take two and half hours (or more!)  I’ve got to learn to take the estimated time commitment into consideration too.

As a work-at-home mom, sometimes it’s tough for me to find a balance between running a home day care, taking care of my own kids, Children’s ministry stuff, blogging, and home-making.  We’ll keep at it though!  For all you ladies further down the road from me, any advice is welcome!

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  1. Great tips Lindsey! I used to just carry around a to-do list and try to knock things off it a little each day. The more I did that the less I got done. About 6 months ago I started scheduling my tasks like meetings and my productivity (and peace of mind) has sky-rocketed.
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  2. Saved as a favorite, I love your site! :)