All that Glitters Book Review

The second book in Nicole O’ Dell’s Scenarios series, All That Glitters, holds just as much promise as her first book, Truth or Dare. Using a slightly modified “choose your own adventure” format, readers are able to truly engage in the story and feel the consequences of the choices they make.

In All that Glitters, twin sisters Dani and Drew are entering the ninth grade, with Drew determined to change her little girl image and break free from the “twin status” and be seen as an individual.  Along the way, she begins to stretch the rules about clothing, make-up, and her choice in friends.  As a result, Dani, who is trying to stay true to her faith and the rules of her parents, is left in the proverbial dust.

Then, Drew catches the eye of a dreamy football player and things get even more complicated.  Does Drew risk losing her relationship to do the right thing?  Or does she risk her morals and the respect of her parents in order to impress the new crowd she’s hanging with?  You, as the reader, decide.

Intending to use this book in our Faithgirls program (preteen mentoring program), I was initially skeptical that it was a little “too old” for the girls I’m working with (ages 10-12).  After all, they weren’t even thinking about dating, let alone kissing or sneaking around behind their parents backs.  Or so I thought…

After browsing through their facebook pages a bit, I discovered they were much more interested in dating and kissing than I thought.  Ugh.  In light of this discovery, I think All that Glitters will be an excellent resource for our group.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Nicole O’Dell has in store for Scenarios part 3 and 4!

Check out Nicole O’Dell’s latest podcast about her books or visit her website.

What’s been your favorite preteen resource?

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