Are you happy?  Are you sad?  A Lesson about Mephibosheth

Are you happy? Are you sad? A Lesson about Mephibosheth

Welcome to day #15 of the 31 days of Bible Lesson Extra series!   This series is designed to help you when you just need “a little extra something” for your lesson.  In this series, you’ll find crafts, games, different ways of presenting a lesson and much more.  Check out the complete Table of Contents here.

Today, I’ll be showing you an art project we did during a recent lesson about Mephibosheth (or Mebby as we called him in class). We also used these drawings during the lesson to help keep kids engaged in the story line.

Happy or Sad

What You Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Crayons

What You Do:

1) Have kids draw a happy face on one side of the construction paper and a sad face on the opposite side of the paper.

Happy or Sad

2) Explain that you’re going to tell them an account about a man named Mephibosheth.  Encourage them to listen closely and every time it sounds like Mephibosheth was happy, put up the happy face. And every time something happened that might make Mebby sad, put the sad face up.


The kids really liked the drawing and the interaction with the lesson. Afterwards, we displayed all the happy and sad faces for the parents to see.  : )

Hope it helps!

Mebby Happy and Sad Collage

Happy and Sad Faces!

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