Introducing {31 Days of Bible Crafts} Series

Introducing {31 Days of Bible Crafts} Series

Last year, I heard some rumblings about a bunch of bloggers who had committed to picking a subject and writing about it for 31 days.  Of course, I heard about this fun party half-way through, but this year, Oh Amanda alerted me to it just in time. I decided to jump in on the fun and will be bringing you:

31 Days of Bible Crafts

31 Days Collage

Read all about the event over at the Nester where you can also see the plethora of amazing posts from last year!

In the meantime, start gathering up your construction paper and glue sticks and get ready for some fun!

The Line Up

Day One: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 

Day Two: Elisha Helps a Widow

Day Three: Bible Book Report

Day Four: Tabitha Helps Others (and so can I!)

Day Five: Prayer of Blessing Canvas Art

Day Six: Books of the Bible Notecard Game

Day Seven: Praying Hands

Day Eight: Rebuilding the Temple Puzzle 

Day Nine: Books of the Bible Chart

Day Ten: Cotton Ball Rainbow Sheep

Day Eleven: Cloud by Day, Fire by Night

Day Twelve: Noah’s Ark

Day Thirteen: Change for the World

Day Fourteen: Jacob and Esau Activity Stations

Day Fifteen: Abraham and Sarah Activity Stations

Day Sixteen: God was with Joseph

Day Seventeen: God Made Autumn (Fall Placemat for Toddlers)

Day Eighteen: Tell the Good News To Everyone (Paul and Lydia)

Day Nineteen: Elijah and Mount Carmel

Day Twenty: Craft Stick Manger Picture

Day Twenty-One: Bible People Landscape Creations (Great Review Activity)

Day Twenty-Two: Moses Activity Stations

Day 23: Making Manna

Day 24: Who’s Who in the Bible

Day 25: Fall Block Party Sign up Sheet

Day 26: Moses and the Burning Bush

Day 27: …

Day 28: 12 Spies (Little People and Oatmeal Canisters)

Day 29: Ark of the Covenant 

Day 30: Journey to the Promise Land (Bible Dictionary)

Day 31: Halloween Block Party (pictures)

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait!

  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!


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