Ask God or Do It Myself?

Ask God or Do It Myself?

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This week in Children’s Church we studied the account of  Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan to get into Jericho.  After I explained the miracle of God parting the waters, the questions started flooding in:

Q:”Why didn’t they just swim across?”

A: Well, they had all their stuff and the river was flooded.  They had kids too, so that would have been harder.

“Why couldn’t they rig up a giant stick to send their stuff across?”

“Why couldn’t they build rafts?”

“Why couldn’t they go around?”

Suddenly, I realized these kids were doing what we do as adults all the time.  They were trying to solve the problem without God.  They didn’t want the miracle, they wanted to fix it themselves.

I stopped the questions and said, “Kids, didn’t you hear what I said?  God did it already!  Why are we still trying to solve the problem?  God provided a way for the Israelites.”

They paused.  I continued.

“You know, this is something adults do a lot, and I guess it seems kids do too.  We want to solve problems on our own, but God wants us to ask him for help.   We think of solutions and try to be really smart, but God tells us to pray and He provides.”

Someone raised a hand, “Can we just try one thing first and then if that doesn’t work, we can ask God?”

Oh, the perils of pride.  Of self-sufficiency.  Don’t we all struggle with this?

This week, I challenge you to stop trying to solve everything on your own, especially when God has already provided a solution.  Let’s turn to prayer first and see what happens.

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  1. i thought this was a really great post to read. i’ll check back for new posts by you!