Back to School Bash!

Back to School Bash!

It’s that time of year again!  Backpacks are flying off the shelves, carts are being filled with crayons, kids are squeezing in last minute trips to amusement parks and swimming pools.  It’s coming! Back to School!   Of course, any change in the season like this is a great excuse to have a celebration.  (It’s also a great time to stock up on your kidmin supplies.  I recently picked up an off-brand of crayons at Wal-mart for 19 cents for a 24 -pack box, and K-mart has Crayola 24-packs on sale this week for 25 cents!)

So, what do you have planned for your Children’s Ministry Back to School Bash?

Last year, we did a Minute to Win It theme for our party (here’s some more back-to-school party ideas), but sometimes the kids watching the games get restless, so we thought we’d try something new this year.  Check out the schedule below:

Crayon Hide & Seek

Take 5-10 crayons and hide them around a large room or gymnasium.  Let the kids run around, searching for the crayons. Whoever finds the crayon hides it next. Non crayon-hiding-kids stay in a side classroom while crayons are being hidden (again).  Repeat until kids whine that they are bored.  🙂


Friend Scavenger Hunt

Using this form, have kids get to know their friends and leaders a bit better.

Tower Builder

Using various school supplies and recycled materials (toilet paper rolls, water bottles, pop cans, etc), have kids work in groups to build a tower.  Appoint three leaders as judges and have them declare a winner in the following categories: height, creativity, and beauty.

Paper Towel Rolls: Fun Easter Games to Play with the Family!

Lesson: Armor of God

Are the kids in your ministry ready for the spiritual battle that awaits them in school?  They better suit up properly with the Armor found in Ephesians 6!  Check out the complete lesson here.

Classic Playground Games: Get ready for recess with these fun games!

Extreme Game: Try the Piñaqua: Directions here


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