Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Have you seen the store shelves lined with school supply goodies?   The crayons!  The glue sticks!  The binders!!

Are you planning on scooping up some sale items for your children’s ministry? Hopefully, you won’t get as sidetracked as Tony was on his shopping trip (check out his comical video at Ministry to Children).  Before you head out, be sure to take inventory of the supplies you already have.  Yes, it’s good to buy up when the sale is good, but there’s no sense in buying another case of crayons when you already have 2 bins full of crayons in your office!

Crayon Box

Also, be sure you plug into parent power!  Parents are already heading out to the store to buy school supplies, why not ask them to pick up a few things for the Children’s Ministry while they are at it? Here’s a letter I sent out to our parents:

School Supply

You can grab the PDF Version here

I also made a poster so parents could grab a little reminder and take it with them on the trip.

School Supply

Those are little shopping carts in case you can’t see them clearly.  I just found them in Microsoft Word under the clip art.    I wrote various supplies on the shopping carts such as “Markers”, “Crayons” or “Construction Paper” so parents could remember what they needed to pick up.  Give it a try!

Happy Shopping!

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