Back to School Party Ideas

Back to School Party Ideas

Looking for a way to make that “Back to School” time special in your Children’s Ministry?  Check out some the following ideas.  Mix and match to make a one of a kind evening for your kids.

Back to School Games

Banana Theme

Kids bring their own banana and everyone makes their own banana splits. Here are some banana games to go with the theme!

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School Supplies

Give each kid a school supply sack filled with school supplies.  Check out this creative way to wrap the gifts in plaster of paris for some extra fun!

Another option is to have kids bring in supplies (or church members donate them) and make supply cakes for their school teachers with an invitation to church.

Great Teacher Gift!

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Number Fun

Have some age-specific games for the kids.  For instance, for those going into third grade  — have kids run a three legged relay race.   For fourth graders, have them try to balance four eggs on spoons in their mouths… and maybe run the length of the room (haha!).  Find some great Fun by the Numbers over at Spoonful.

Three Legged Race

Letter Fun

Have the kids do a Letter Hunt! For the younger grades, put flashcards on sticks (paint stirrers would work great) in the yard and assign each kid 4-5 letters to find.  First one done wins!

It’s Recess Time!

Play some classic playground games such as 15 Seconds of Fame, Spud, READ tag and more.  Or, play some school related relays such as Build a Lunch Relay Race or Fill a Back Pack Relay.  Check out Amazing Moms website for more game ideas as well as favors and decorations.

Invite Others

Make sure to send home invitations the week before, decorated as schoolbooks or apples and check out this lesson idea for telling your friends at school about Christ.

What are your ideas?

Here’s what we’ll be doing at our church:

  • Decorate the gym with streamers and balloons
  • Play some Minute to Win It Games
  • Break up into small groups for prayer.  Kids will write any concerns or prayer requests they have on an index card.  The cards get shuffled among the group, and we spend some time praying for one another.  Afterwards, the small group leader keeps the cards so he can continue to pray and follow up with the kids.
  • Then, we’ll let loose with some of the game ideas above!

 More Back To School Party Ideas

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