Back to School Party!

Back to School Party!

It’s hard to believe it’s nearing the end of July already.  Some of you may still be trying to catch your breath from Vacation Bible School or Summer programs and yet Back to School celebrations are just around the corner! Here are some of the games and activities from our party last year.  Maybe the ideas will help give you a head start!

Back to School Party!

Check out some game ideas below and a fun way to help kids pace themselves throughout the fun!

Pin the Crayon in the Box

Back to School Bash: Games and Party Ideas

For this poster, I simply laid a few school supplies on a poster board and traced the basic shape.  If you’re not as artistically challenged as me, go ahead and free hand it!  This game is basically played like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, but blindfolded kids are trying to get a crayon in the box instead.  You get 50 points for hitting the box and 100 points for lining it up on the exact same color.

Pin the Crayon in the Box (And other Back to School Party Ideas)

Ladder Toss

Back to School Bash (15)

For this game,  kids throw bean bags from about 1-2 feet away (depending on age).  They get 3 bean bags and the object is to toss the bag onto the rungs and score the most points possible.

Back to School Bingo

Back to School Bash

It’s always a good idea to have a quieter game for kids who are a little reluctant to run around and toss things.  Bingo is always a hit because it feels fast paced and kids can play for one round or several.  We use those vase stones you can find at the Dollar Tree or just plain old markers to cross off boxes.  We try to use picture cards whenever possible so pre-readers can play without help.

Bucket Toss

Back to School Bash

This is an easy way to re purpose all those sand buckets you’ve been collecting all summer.  Designate points for each bucket and have kids toss balls or bean bags into the buckets to earn points.

Back to School Bash (10)

Balloon Paper Plate Bop

Back to School Bash

Inspired by this post over at Babble, this was a game to see how long kids could keep the balloon up in the air using a paper plate paddle.  Every hit with the paper plate was a point.

Spreading Out the Fun

We wanted to have kids pace themselves a bit and spread out the crowd, so we gave every kid 10 gold coins (left over from a previous VBS).  Each game required one gold coin to play and kids could earn more coins by saying a Scripture verse from memory.  Any verse qualified, so some kids were “memorizing” or reviewing on the spot to get more coins.  That’s okay with me!

Back to School Bash (8)

That was our fun from last year!  I’ve been collecting new ideas on my Fall Fun Pinterest board — so I hope to bring you some new ideas soon!

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