Bacon Ads — Sizzling Good Fun!

Bacon Ads — Sizzling Good Fun!

Hot off the griddle: Beacon Ads becomes Bacon Ads

Beacon Ads — the web’s best self-serve ad marketplace for Christian websites — has greased up its operation and is dishing up a more palatable name: Bacon Ads.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (April 1, 2015) — Beacon Ads, the Internet’s leading advertising marketplace for Christian websites, has changed its name to the more meaty “Bacon Ads.”

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“Everything’s better with bacon,” said Nate Smoyer, Bacon Ads Manager. “So why not skim the fat off our name and make it something you can really sink your teeth into? At Bacon Ads, we’re all about bacon care of business. We pride ourselves on offering Grade A advertising services that cut through the baloney and get straight to the meat of things.”

Bacon Ads helps web advertisers reach their audience, track performance and manage dozens of ads—all from one dashboard. It also connects publishers with more than 1,500 websites, giving them complete control over the ad’s placement, price and size.

“Don’t let those other advertising services scare you off with warnings about your cholesterol,” said Aaron Armstrong from Blogging Theologically. “ gets results — and it’s delicious.”

The Internet agrees — if you want to bring home the bacon and manage your ads with a smart, simple dashboard, there’s no better choice than Bacon Ads.

“I’ve been a fan of Bacon Ads for years now,” said Jason Whitehorn, blogger at “I once tried to switch to another platform, you know — cold turkey. But I soon discovered that turkey bacon just wasn’t the same. Will I give up again? Yeah — when pigs fly.”

Web ads have never been so delicious: check out today.  If you want to advertise with this site, Growing Kids Ministry, through Bacon Ads, click here for my marketplace listing! 


About Beacon Ads, Now Bacon Ads

Bacon Ads, formerly Beacon Ads, is the world’s leading advertising marketplace for Christian websites and advertisers. In addition to providing a beautiful dashboard that tracks impressions, clicks, and click-through rates, Bacon Ads now gives your website the irresistible aroma of one of the finest foods known to man: Bacon.

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