Battle of Jericho {Lesson and Craft}

Battle of Jericho {Lesson and Craft}

We’ve been working through a fresh-to-the-scene curriculum from Kidology called Stickers Through the Bible.  I love that’s its a holistic look at the Bible and that at the end of a year, the kids have a super visual way of remembering all they have learned.   Check out a more detailed review on this post.

Stickers Through the Bible (2)

This week, we are studying the Battle of Jericho found in Joshua 5.  Here’s what the class time looked like.

Taking a Walk

I found this fun printable of the Jericho walls at Bible Crafts and Activities. Just print it out, tape it together, and grab a couple of little people to act out the story.  Have the kids count along with you as the little people march around the walls.  (You can find another good printable at Lamb Songs).

Walls and Battle of Jericho  (1)

Before we tell the story, we have kids find the “new sticker for the week” in their Sticker Bibles.

Walls and Battle of Jericho  (5)

After the story, we recap, having a few kids hold up their Bible to showcase a particular sticker.  After the lesson this week, we made horns!

Walls and Battle of Jericho  (2)

Naturally, once the horns were decorated and secured with staples or tape, we had to shout together.  🙂

I also had extra copies of the walls of Jericho if kids wanted to decorate those instead.  One girl turned hers into a crown.   What a great idea!

Walls and Battle of Jericho  (4)

Until next time!

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