Battle of the Bears (Telling the Story of Gideon with Counting Bears)

Battle of the Bears (Telling the Story of Gideon with Counting Bears)

This last week in Children’s Church, we were covering the story of Gideon (Judges 6-8).  I have a pretty young class right now – a lot of preschool and kindergarten, so we’ve been using the Preschool version of The Gospel Project.  I love the super simple suggestions for activities and the kids seem to love them!

The Gospel Project Time Line (3)

This week, we talked a lot about sorting since Gideon whittled his army down by sorting the men.   I happened to have some counting bears at home (one of our kindergarten homeschool supplies), so I brought them on in to help tell the story.

To begin, I assigned on of the bigger bears to be Gideon.  “Gideon assembled an army,” I said as I dumped out all the counting bears. The kids scrambled to set them all upright, which I didn’t anticipate.  I was happy for the participation.  In retrospect, I should have set up a little table so more kids could get around it, but we made do!

Battle of the Bears (Teaching Bible with Fun Props)

“The Lord told Gideon he had too many in his army.  Some of the had to go home.  Who do you think should go home?” I asked the kids.   Together, they shouted, “The babies!”  So, we all worked together to put the baby bears (the littlest ones) back in the bin. “These little bears were too scared to go into battle,” I explained.

Battle of the Bears (Teaching Bible with Fun Props)

Next, we lined up all the bears along a “river” and explained how God further downsized Gideon’s army.  I picked a few kids to take away certain colors of bears until we were left with only a few.

“Once the army was the right size,” I said, “God sent the men into battle.  He was going to fight for them, so they didn’t need a big army.  God told the people to make a circle around the enemy’s campsite.”

Battle of the Bears (Teaching Gideon with Fun Props)

At this point, we circled up the bears and I finished telling the story of God’s power and Gideon’s victory.  After the lesson, we played a few sorting games with the buttons I had brought in.  The kids loved this too — even the older ones, which I was surprised about.    We had a lot of fun and I hope this inspires you to make some simple fun in your class as well!

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