Beach Night {Summer Fun!}

Beach Night {Summer Fun!}

This summer, we are introducing THEME NIGHTS in order to bring in some extra excitement and fun.  Last night was “Beach Night” and I just had to share a few pictures with you all!

Beach Night

To start off the fun, I bought these super huge beach balls from Discount School Supply.  They were a little pricey ($13 each), but the wow factor was great, so I think they were worth it!

Beach Night

My friend Paulette made this super great Beach Theme cake which the kids loved.

I love how enthusiastic the kids are!  We had several wearing sunscreen and sunglasses.   One girl even brought her own beach chair to use during lesson time.  Very fun!

We played crab ball with the giant beach balls (while listening to some Beach Boys music).  I thought I recorded a longer clip, but I must have messed it up.  Oh well, at least you get a quick shot!

  I also wanted to head outside for some water games, but alas, it was raining.  Apparently, getting wet from a giant bucket of water is fun, but getting wet from rain is a drag.  Go figure!

What about you?

What are you doing to keep summer lively this year?


After the first week, the giant beach balls looked like this:

Deflated Beach Balls

Totally sad!  The kids were jumping all over them and I didn’t really regulate their use, so I guess it’s to be expected.  Still for $15 a piece, I would have hoped they lasted a bit longer.  We still have one that has stood the test of time, but these little friends have seen their better days.

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