BeAttitude Bingo (Day #22 of Bible Lesson Extras)

BeAttitude Bingo (Day #22 of Bible Lesson Extras)

Welcome to Day #22 of the 31 days of Bible Lesson Extra series!   This series is designed to help you when you just need “a little extra something” for your lesson.  In this series, you’ll find crafts, games, different ways of presenting a lesson and much more.  Check out the complete Table of Contents here.

Today, I’m going to show you a simple way to keep kids engaged during lesson time — with a bingo sheet!    There are lots of sites online that will let you make your own bingo sheet, but sometimes I find it easier to just be “old school” with paper and pencil.

If you have older kids who can read and write easily, you can even have them make their own cards.  Or, if you don’t have a lot of time, fill in most of the card for them, but leave 5-8 blank spaces for them to choose a word from the board.  That way, everyone’s card is different, and they still get to be part of the creation process without using up the entire class time.

We used these bingo cards when learning about the beattitudes.

What You Need:

  • Bingo card print-outs
  • Premade bingo cards for younger kids
  • Some time of markers, such as chips, pennies, jewels, etc

Beatitude Bingo

What To Do:

Explain to the kids that you’ll be learning about the beattitudes (or whatever the day’s topic is).  Write some of the key words from the passage on the board and pass out the bingo cards.  Let the kids write the words on their papers, filling in the bingo card.   You may want to have some pre-filled for kids who are having trouble.

As you teach the lesson, or read through the passage, have kids mark their cards whenever they hear a key word.   Reward bingo kids with stickers, candies, or another small prize.

Beatitude Bingo

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