Best Friends and Mean Girls (Book Review)

Best Friends and Mean Girls (Book Review)

Ever since reading her book, And The Bride Wore White, I’ve been a huge fan of Dannah Gresh.   I read her book seven years ago and have continued to be amazed at the beacon of light Dannah serves to young girls and women.  Combatting a culture that exalts girls with the best bodies, skimpiest clothes, and meanest attitudes, Dannah sets the record straight when it comes to true womanhood.  I was very pleased to take a look at her new book, Best Friends and Mean Girls.  

Dannah’s writing style is one of familiarity and sisterhood.  She writes as if sitting down to coffee with the reader, dispensing advice in a friendly and humble manner.  Her explanation of daughter-dates is easy to follow and fun to read.  As for the dates themselves, they seem fairly easy to pull off and very effective in relationshp-building with your daughter.   I love the idea of building excitement and adventure around lessons of friendship.



Some of the dates Dannah suggestions you (as the mother) take with your daughter include: Slumber Party, Shopping Spree, and a trip to the zoo.  After each date, mother and daughter are encouraged to complete some question pages together.  I found the questions were at just the right level of complexity –  deep enough to evoke a meaningful conversation, but not too intimidating.   It’s a terrific resource and one I heartedly recommend!

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Check out Dannah’s Website: Pure Freedom

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  1. I am hearing about Dannah Gresh for the first time looks like need to read any of her books once.
    Vijesh recently posted..This I Know by David Crowder (Chords & Lyrics)

  2. Hey Vijesh,
    Thanks for stopping by! I’m a big fan of Dannah’s and am glad to see she’s still reaching this generation of girls. I know I’m looking forward to going on these “mom and daughter” dates with my little girl.

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