Between Us Girls {Book Review}

Between Us Girls {Book Review}

Kids sure do grow up fast.  Even though we spend time with them, eating and going from place to place, it sometimes seems like we’re missing out on important conversations.

It is time to start talking?

Partly because we, as parents, often don’t know where to begin or what to do.  That’s why I love books like Between Us Girls, which serve as a road map and help spur on conversation between mothers and daughters.


The Good:

  • This book is absolutely full of good topics and conversation starters.  It covers things such as friendships, feelings, families, fears, clothing, role model, hard times, and more.
  • There are questions in the book for both mom and daughter, allowing both parties to share authentically and cause the relationship to grow.
  • Scripture is intertwined throughout the conversation.  Each chapter covers a significant portion of Scripture and I love that the passage is not included in the book (so you have to read it from your Bible).
  • This book seems like it could be used by mothers and daughters who already have a thriving relationship or those who are in need of a little repair.

Ready to Start Talking?

The Bad:

  • Each chapter is laid out as a metaphor of walking, but of course, there probably isn’t a lot of walking happening as moms and daughters discuss the contents.  I feel like the metaphor is a little confusing as you try to remember the significance of the weeds, hill, garden, etc in each chapter.


Though it’s a little old to be using it with my own daughter at this point (she is six and the book is aimed at maybe age 9 and up), I will be recommending it to parents at my church and hanging onto my own copy for the future!


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