Why The Action Bible is Perfect for Boys

Why The Action Bible is Perfect for Boys

This week, I had a great Sunday School class with a bunch of preteen boys, and I wish I could say it was because of some innate personality characteristic of mine.  Truth is, I’m not that good with boys – especially preteen ones!  Once the cool factor starts to kick in, I’m pretty much left in the dust.

I know it’s wrong, but I’m more comfortable with the kids who sit still, sing songs, raise their hands to answer questions, and boys… well, they just don’t usually do that.   I knew I needed to change this attitude, so I picked up What Your Son Isn’t Telling You: Unlocking the Secret World of Teen Boys, hoping to get an inside look at the minds and hearts of the young men in my midst.

What a great book.  It really opened my eyes to the “quiet support” young men need.  To not overwhelm them with questions or get all over them when they are fidgety.   I helped me to see their struggles and their desires for righteousness that are so often thwarted by the world.   All this was fresh in my mind when I went into Sunday School, and I have to tell you, it made a huge difference in my interactions.  I didn’t instantly land on them with rules and demands (normally, I would have made them sit in chairs around the table, but instead I let them lounge on the couch and stools).  I listened without criticizing.  I dialogged without preaching at them.   It was a blessing beyond belief for me, and I am so grateful the regular teacher called in sick!  (Read the full story here)

As we were discussing the difficulties in Bible study, I mentioned The Action Bible. It was something I had recently stumbled upon — the most complete Bible illustrated in comic book form.  The boys seemed pretty excited about the idea, so I ordered three that night (small class!).  One boy has already read through the entire book of Genesis.

At first I was a little wary of the comic book Bible, but it seemed pretty accurate and I think it’s great for this stage of the game.  What do you think?  Do you think The Action Bible is watering things down?  Take a look at the promo and share your opinion!


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  1. I love the concept! Comics are a great way to reach young boys.

  2. I agree, Keith.

  3. I don’t have boys, but I think the Action Bible might be a really cool idea — the Bible is pretty action-packed, and so would appeal, if the language weren’t prohibitive for some age groups.

  4. Hey there, please keep us posted when we shall see a follow up!

  5. great blog! keep up the great work!

  6. Keri Lynn says:

    another great book for comic book loving kids is Invasion by Jon S. Lewis. The heroes and villains are all comic book characters come to life! The book conveys Christian values without preaching. For those who want to uncover the biblical parallels, the publisher is offering a free four-week curriculum based on the story of David and Goliath. Check it out at http://www.chaosnovels.com/youthprogram.php

  7. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Keri. It sounds like it’s worth taking a look at!