Big Day for Growing Kids Ministry!

Big Day for Growing Kids Ministry!

Just under a year ago, I posted my very first post on this blog!  Since then, I’ve relished learning all about the online world of Children’s Ministry, discovered some incredible blogs, joined some hoppin’ forums and learned about some great resources and other Children’s Ministry people.

Last year, just after I launched the blog, I happened upon the March Madness of Children’s Ministry Blogworld (link goes to 2010’s contest) and determined my year-long goal was to make the line-up.  Well, yippee — I made it after all, and am now looking for your vote!  Check out the 2011 list on Ministry to Children and vote for Growing Kids Ministry (#4 in Southwest Region).

I’d love to hear if you voted — leave me a comment!

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  1. Good information as per usual, thank you very much. I sure hope this sort of thing gets more eyeballs.