Birthday Party for Jesus!

Birthday Party for Jesus!

We just finished up our kids Christmas Play and are not starting our new curriculum till the New Year.  We don’t have services the 22nd or 29th because of the holidays, so we’ve got one lonely Wednesday to fill with fun.  What better activity than a party?  And what better party, than a party for Jesus!

The Plan

Fill the gym with some balloons, play some party games, and have the kids frost cupcakes and decorate them.  We’ll read the Christmas story out of Read and Share Bible and then perhaps have the kids give “gifts” to Christ. These can be a talent, a song, a Bible verse, a joke, a prayer, or something along those lines.

The Games

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Pictures from the Party!

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  1. Hey I want to come over! Your place sounds like fun. Found your blog at random. Love the layout. I’m also a christian Mama who blogs. I invite you to pop over and celebrate with us, bring your noise maker ~ whoot!
    I’m a regular kid of gal. Like to keep things simple. (old fashioned if you will) I don’t tweet nor do we have cable tv. I’m not your average mom though. Just on a different journey to make the best out of each day. Cheers!
    Merry Christmas too!
    PS My kids love to watch the Read & Share dvds. 🙂

  2. Glad you stopped by Rebecca!

  3. Larraine Perico says:

    Muchos Gracias for your article post. Cool.