Birthday Party with the Cows

Birthday Party with the Cows

Chick-Fil-A never ceases to amaze me.  No matter when I go, the staff is always ultra-courteous, friendly, and very helpful.  They go above and beyond the typical “fast-food restaurant” and give you an experience worth remembering.   A few weeks ago, I went through the drive-through, hoping to keep my 13 month old who was snoozing in the back seat asleep for a few more minutes.  The server asked what drink I would like with my meal and after thinking for a moment, I decided on the lemonade.  He quickly replied, “Excellent Choice”.   Simple enough, but his friendly affirmation still brightens my day when I think about it (perhaps I am little too interested in people-pleasing when even the drive-through guy’s opinion matters this much).

Last week, a few friend of mine and I took our kids up to have a mini-birthday party for four year old Ava.  I hung up a little sign at our table and then we all headed into the play place for some rip-roaring fun.  When we returned to our table, four little cows sat on the table holding balloons for the littlest guests.   All the kids agreed it was one of the best days they’ve ever had.  Impressive.

It’s the little things that really make Chick-Fil-A stand out.  The family friendly events, bringing your food to the table, walking around to check if anyone needs a refill.  The smiles.   The customer appreciation.  You truly feel valued at this beef-free venue.   I’ve posted before about making newcomers at our church feel valued, and it seems this place has the corner on the “you’re important to me” market.

So, I got to thinking.  How can we apply the Chick-Fil-A principles to our Children’s Ministry?  I had been looking for a book for our Team to discuss together.   Perhaps the Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People might be the ticket.  I’ll keep you posted!

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