Blogger Challenge: Interlink Old Posts

Blogger Challenge: Interlink Old Posts

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This week’s challenge task (#8 so far – how are you keeping up?) is to Interlink Old Posts.  You can do this either at the end of a post as “Further Reading” section or through linking to old posts using key words in your current post.    Darren shares the following tips:

1. Try to build this task into your daily posting schedule. It takes a little discipline to get into the rhythm of it but it can have some real benefits if you do (as outlined in this post).

2. For bloggers with large archives who can’t remember every post they’ve ever written, one way to help you find your previous posts is to have a “related posts” plugin on your blog. These will often present you with suggestions on older posts that might be relevant to link to within your post.

3. Also, if you have a lot of content that you’ve never interlinked before, start with the most popular posts. If you look at your blog’s metrics make a list of the posts that receive the most traffic from Google. Once you have the list, go through each post one by one, specifically searching for other posts on your blog on similar topics to your popular posts.

As for me, I’ve started doing this at the end of every post.  I didn’t know there were plug-ins to do it for you, so I might investigate that since the “Further Reading” is sometimes a bit time consuming for me.  I do interlink within most posts, so glad I’m on the up and up with something!

What’s been your favorite tip so far?

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  1. With a new blog, I only had a couple of places that I could do this. But I totally see where this is a useful tip.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Joey. You win the “most on top of Monday’s post”, that’s for sure!

  3. I am a little behind on my blogging, as I have only completed up to the 5th task so far. I will get back on it though after this Holiday week.

    Let me know what all you find out about the plug-in’s to link for you.

  4. I recently used a link to a previous article so I’m a little ahead of the game I guess. But I don’t do it regularly yet. I need to work on that. I’m searching for a good plug-in for that (I use WordPress). It looks like most use tags to relate, but I’m still looking.

    I’m doing fairly well keeping up.

  5. Using WordPress, fairly new plug-in called “Better Related Content” adds related posts on the bottom of the post automatically based on category and/or post tags. Seems to work well with minimal settings adjustment. Now I just have to be more aware of tags and categories I use.

  6. Bill, I found a WordPress plug-in and installed it, (I think the same one you were talking about), but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll have to keep tinkering with it.


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