Book Swap & Alpha-Bits Fall Snack

Book Swap & Alpha-Bits Fall Snack

My friend Kelly and I were chatting the other day about the mountain of books that were sitting on our shelves.  Books that the kids had grown tired of, books that were either too young or too old or books that the kids never really seemed to connect with.  Normally, I just pack this type of thing up and send it to the thrift store, but Kelly suggested a book swap, I thought it was a great idea!  The plan was to invite all our friends, have a few snacks, and swap our old books for some new-to-you books on a 1:1 ratio. The actual book swap would take place on a Saturday from 9-11AM, open house style.   Friends were invited to drop off their books ahead of time so we could sort them and also so people could have a full selection from the start of the event.

Of course, we would need snacks, and I had just been sent two boxes of Alpha-Bits cereal to review, so I decided to make a fun letter-oriented snack.  After all, this event WAS all about literature.


To keep things simple, I decided to use a Rice Krispie Treat recipe, substituting the Rice Krispies with Alpha-bits.

Alphabits with circle R

My kids are in love with Super Why (the guy on the front of the box) right now, so they were thrilled about this idea.  To give it more of a fall-themed flair, I mixed in some Reese Pieces for some chocolate flair!

Fall Snack and Activities

Getting ready to mix it up!

The kids had a blast picking out letters while mixing things up.   Even though my kids can’t read yet, the shaped pieces help them become more familiar with the alphabet.    Turns out, this snack was a fun family activity and a learning experience!

Fall Snack and Activities

Taking a bite of our tasty snack!

(Find out more about Alpha-bits at

This type of book swap event would also be GREAT for Children’s Ministry teams.  How many curriculums are sitting on your shelf because you’ve already done them, and don’t want to repeat them just yet?  Have you ever picked up some fabulous lesson or activity book at a conference just to discover it’s not actually a good fit for your ministry?  Why not host a curriculum and resource swap at your church for all the ministries in your area?   You could find some great new material and it wouldn’t cost you a dime!

The kids loved playing with the Alpha-bit snacks so much that we decided to make a Thankful list with our letter shaped snacks as well.  Check out the finished project!

Fall Snack and Activities

In case you’re wondering, Pixie is our cat.  Glad to see she made the list!

I bet even adults would get into this if we laid out some Alpha-bits on the thanksgiving table.  Might be worth a try!

What kind of fun fall and Thanksgiving activities are you doing this year?  I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. What a creative idea! I’m already thinking how I could translate this into our quarterly kidmin networking event… 🙂

  2. Yeah! I’m so glad to hear that Kathie.

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