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Before heading to CM Leaders, I had listened to Brad Tate’s breakout session from CPC and was really impressed with some of the the ideas and practices they ave at 2|42.  I’m not able to make it to his talk today, so Brad and I caught up last night to talk a little bit about what’s in store for the CMLeaders Conference friends. Brad was a very cool guy and recommended some great new books to read (yeah!).   Check out his website here.  The church website is worth taking a look at, especially the Narnia campus info page!!

LRW: So give us a little sneak peek about your presentation, would you?

Brad: We’re going to be focusing on Matthew 28 and Jesus’ call to make disciples.  Jesus’ didn’t say make converts or grow a bigger church, the emphasis was on disciple-making.  When you build a church, you don’t automatically get disciples, but when you build disciples, you ALWAYS get a church.

LRW: How do churches deal with the struggle of “not enough volunteers”.   How do you keep ministries from completing for volunteers?

Brad: At 2|42, we are a church plant — so we were blessed to be able to build into our DNA a few things that really help us with this.  First off, there is a very clear pipeline that anyone who wants to get involved goes through.  It looks like this:


In addition, our people only serve in 1.5 ministries.  You major in one, minor in another.  So, if someone is already involved in 1.5, hands off!

LRW: So, at our church, we want our kidmin volunteers to find an assistant to work with them.  The idea is, when their small group gets to 8-10 kids, the group splits and each leader than takes 5-6 kids.  This way, the kids are already familiar with the assistant because they have been hanging out since the beginning.  However, this is a totally new thing, and some of volunteers don’t even really know where to start in order to find an assistant.  What can I do to help?

Brad: Yeah, all our volunteers need to remember.  It’s not really your job to do your job.  It’s your job to find someone else to do your job.  We follow the 5 Coaching Steps:

  1. I do, You Watch (We Talk)
  2. I do, You Help (We Talk)
  3. You Do, I Help (We Talk)
  4. You Do, I Watch (We Talk)
  5. You Do, Someone Else Watches (We Talk)

It’s all done in LITTLE steps.  A current team member looks around and says to someone, “You want to come watch the kids program and see what happens?”  Sure!  That’s easy.  No problem.  If it goes well, you progress from there.  You don’t go up to someone and say, “Hey, in about 6 weeks, when my group gets huge, I’m going to need someone to take over. Interested?”   That’s too much!  That will scare people away.  One little step at a time, having very intentional conversations along the way.    The key phrase in those conversations is “I see in you…[potential, great teaching, good relationship building,etc]”  Let them know why they would be good in the role.

2 Timothy 1 and 2 tells us: “You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (emphasis added).

Think about Jesus.  While he was on earth, he has 12 disciples and one of those didn’t work out too well (insert laughing here!).  So, let’s just say you’re not as good at disciple-making as Jesus.  You, as the Children’s Ministry director, make 10 disciples.  Then, at the end of that year, you turn them lose to make 8 disciples of their own (each).  Those 8 disciples (new team members) now go and make 6 of their own disciples.  Then, at the end of the year the 6 make 4. You get the idea.  In four years time, you would have 248 new kidmin team members!!! That’s incredible.  You can do it.  That’s discipleship.

Thanks so much for meeting with me, Brad.  It was great talking with you and I’m sure we’re going to learn a lot from your presentation! 

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