Brian Dollar: Lead {CMLeaders}

Brian Dollar: Lead {CMLeaders}

Duplication vs. Innovation

Why Do We Duplicate?

Because it’s easier.  It’s way easier to do a google search, read a book, attend a conference and try to duplicate something rather than get on your knees and seek God for an idea.  Rather, innovation commands us to allow our heart and mind to be open enough to allow God to birth something in them that will change their community.

I’m Just Not A Creative Person

You CAN create becaseu you are a child of GOd!!  Think about kids… they are enormously creative.  They can play for hours with a stick and a box.  Guess what?  You used to be a kid!  You still have that power within you!  Society has pushed insecurity onto you, saying that you’re not good enough or talented enough, but that’s simply not true.   You CAN be a Kidminnovator!

God knows no boundaries and he knows no lines.  Don’t allow fear and insecurity to stop you from becoming the innovator that God wants you to be.  Sure, it does take courage.  Courage isn’t the absence of fear – its acting in the presence of fear.

What Does a Kidminnovator Look Like?

A Kidminnovator Questions Everything

  • Is this the best approach?
  • Sure, this program is good, but are there things we can improve?
  • Take a look at programs BEFORE you notice they are broken
  • Just because it’s not crashing and burning doesn’t mean you should leave it alone

A Kidminnovator Looks Everywhere (for ideas and inspiration)

A Kidminnovator is Bored with Duplication

A Kidminnovator Takes More Criticism

  • Want to avoid critisism?  Don’t try anything new.  (This is not good!)

A Kidminnovator Makes More Mistakes

  • Realize this, failure is part of ministry.

A Kidminnovator Value People Who Tell Them the Hard Truth

A Kidminnovator Need Administrative People Around Them

  • Someone has to get the details taken care of and get the idea moving!
  • Do it now.

A Kidminnovator are intensely driven.

  • Beware of making your team too tired jumping from new idea to new idea.

A Kidminnovator invents from a desire to make a difference.

Side Note: I recently finished reading Brian’s book I Blew It and really enjoyed it.  I would heartily recommend it for ALL Children’s Ministry workers.  It’s conviction, inspiring, funny, and really well written.  Of course, if you are currently at CMLeaders, you should buy it from Brian’s table and have him sign it!!

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