Bringing the Bible to Life in Your Classroom: Introduction

Bringing the Bible to Life in Your Classroom: Introduction

It’s Sunday morning.  You’re standing, curriculum in hand, in front of a diverse bunch of kids.  Some of them look bored. A few look tired. Some look cranky and others look like they’ve already had 3 shots of espresso this morning. Girls are whispering to Are Kids Bored in Your Classroom? Learn how to fix it!each other and boys are trying to poke each other with pencils under the table.  You know you need to get started, but suddenly you’re not sure you’re really cut out for this job! Yikes!  Sound familiar?

Or how about this one?

It happens more often than you’d like to admit.  It is the Sunday School hour and you want to teach the kids in your class about the Bible, but don’t exactly know how to execute the plan.  You’ve read your lesson, you’ve studied the Scripture, but the kids still don’t seem to be connecting to the material.   You want to stick to the Bible, but you also want the lesson to be engaging, exciting, and fun.  How can it all be done?

It’s not as hard as you may think!  Read on to gather some ideas for your classroom, my friend.

The beauty of the Bible is that most of the hard work is already done for you.  The stories are already there!  Not only are the stories already provided, but they are great stories!  They are stories filled with danger, intrigue, spies, family conflict, natural disasters, forgiveness, radical love, miracles, awesome feats of strength and so much more!

The Bible is amazing! Learn how to make it come to life for the kids in your classroom!

In order to bring the Bible to life in your Sunday School class, there are few things that need to happen.  The first step is preparation.  You not only need to prepare you lesson, but you need to prepare your heart to teach as well.  Included in this series are suggestions to use during your lesson prep time and even a handy checklist to keep you on track throughout the week.  Preparing your heart is an essential part of teaching if you want your lesson to be communicated in a vibrant and meaningful way. Preparing Your Heart for teaching

After preparing comes the polishing.  Here is where you fine tune both your lesson and the classroom experience by establishing schedules, routines, and expectations.

Finally, we dive into cooking up a lesson!  Just like you plan a menu for dinner guests, a lesson can be developed like a well-balanced meal.  Stay tuned for more details on all the essential components of a delicious Children’s Ministry meal.

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