Bringing the Bible to Life Series: Wrapping up with some Resources!

Bringing the Bible to Life Series: Wrapping up with some Resources!

Welcome to the final post in the Bringing the Bible to Life series.  To read through the other posts, click on the links below:

For this post, I thought I’d share some resources that I find especially helpful (links may be Amazon affiliate links):

Kidology Kids Church Cookbook:

This resource has been a huge help in my own ministry and I bet it will be a great resource for you as well!  This is a 6-part series, but if you can only pick up one part, I would recommend section #5.  You can find the cookbook at the Kidology website. 

30 Old Testament Interactive Stories for Young Children by Steven James:

This book, and other books from Steven James, are great for developing both side dishes and appetizers for your lesson.   James provides a multitude of hands-on activities for kids in order to engage with the lesson.

Dreaming of More by Michelle Anthony:

In this book, Dr. Anthony calls ministry leaders to re-examine their goals and methods of ministry and encourages them to design their weekly experiences in order to leave room for the Holy Spirit to work.  Very inspiring!

The Action Bible by David C. Cook

This Bible has been especially helpful to me as I read through those stories I’ve heard time and time again.  The pictures are powerful and beautiful and the illustrated nature of the Bible helps bring a fresh perspective to overly-familiar passages.

Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks:

This book is great in communicating the importance of teaching and contains many methods to improve your teaching skills.

Discipleland Training Videos on Youtube:

These videos cover a wide range of topics from preparation and storytelling to getting parents involved and setting up your classroom.  Most videos are between five and ten minutes long.    Be sure to check out this one, which is a great video about preparation.

Forget Me Not Bible Story Activities by Christine Yount:

This Children’s Ministry book contains great “side dish” ideas for a number of Bible stories.

More Resources to Have On Your Shelf:

I hope this series has been helpful for you!  If you have a topic that you’d love to read more about, be sure to let me know!

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