Build a Better Blog: Call Your Readers to Action

Build a Better Blog: Call Your Readers to Action

This week’s task (#23) in the Ministry Blogger Challenge is to write a post that contains some kind of a call to action While this type of post might not be one that you’ll use all of the time, it’s a handy style of post to have in your tool belt of blogging techniques.  There are different types of actions you might be interested in seeing your readers participate in:

  • Implementing an idea that you’ve written about
  • Subscribing to your RSS feed or an email newsletter
  • Buying an affiliate product
  • Writing a comment
  • Voting in a poll
  • Making a donation to a charity
  • Voting for you on a social bookmarking site
  • Buying a product that you’ve developed
  • Visiting another site
  • Hiring you for some service that you offer
  • Reading another piece you’ve written on your blog

Some of the actions will benefit you as a blogger and others will benefit a cause you’re writing about.  Some might do both.

I’ve done a few posts along these lines

Of course, I ask for comments on most posts.  I’m also thinking about adding some polls to regular posts.    I’m  hoping to walk in our local Women’s Care Center’s walk-a-thon coming up soon and was thinking about asking readers to contribute support to that.   What about you?  What could you do to call your readers to action?


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  1. I’ve done a few polls (and have one going on now), and I think next week I’ll have a “reminder” about subscribing to email / RSS feeds.

    Yes, like you, I regularly ask for comments.
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