Build a Better Blog: Come up with 10 posts

Build a Better Blog: Come up with 10 posts

This will be a fun task for those of you hands-on, visual types.   Start with your last five posts and then build on each of them for further post ideas.  You can do this either by expanding, taking a topic further, answering a reader question, exploring an opposite point of view, or something along those lines.  I’ve done this a few times, and even if you don’t end up using all the posts, it’s still kind of fun to generate new ideas.  Here’s what my mind map looked like:

For full details, check out Day 11 in the Build a Better Workbook.  Still need a workbook?  Click on the link in the sidebar to get yours!  Be sure to use the GKM code for 25% off.

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  1. This was helpful for me, too. I’m realizing that I’m getting more ideas than I probably have time to write about!! One big thing that came out of this was from the post “What do you do with Santa?” This exercise led me to think about coming from the opposite perspective, of why it’s OK or even GOOD to believe in Santa. I wrote “Don’t Kill Santa” and “Santa is not Satan,” and I asked some friends of mine to write about why they’ve taught their kids to believe in Santa (part 1 on today, part 2 tomorrow). Lots of fun!

  2. Sounds great, Joey. We’re debating that very thing in our family right now. I’m not crazy about Santa, but I like the idea of the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. A little bit of a quandary!