Build a Better Blog: Create a Sneeze Page

Build a Better Blog: Create a Sneeze Page

Today’s task is to build a sneeze page highlighting some of your older posts that no longer show up on the front page of your blog.  Darren Rowse of Problogger describes the benefits of a sneeze page on his site:

Benefits of Sneeze Pages

There are a variety of reasons that a sneeze page can be powerful:

1. It shows off your archives – I don’t know about you but when I spend hours (if not days) crafting a blog post, I want people to read it! Sneeze pages lengthen the time that people interact with your older posts.

2. It’s great for SEO – search engines not only look at the links that other people make to your posts in order to give them ranking but the internal links on your blog. Linking to old posts can help them grow their search engine ranking.

3. It can help create a ‘Sticky’ Blog – I’ve not seen stats on this but it is my suspicion that a person arriving on your blog for the first time increases the chances of coming back to it the more great posts that they view on it. Get someone to read 10 great posts that you’ve written previously instead of 1 and you’ll exponentially increase the likelihood that they’ll subscribe and become a regular reader.

Types of Sneeze Pages

There are many types of sneeze pages: themed sneezes, sneezes from a certain time period (“Best of 2010”), or perhaps some of your favorite posts.  Check out today’s task (#18) in your Problogger workbook to find examples and ways to promote your sneeze page!

Be sure to leave a comment with your sneeze page below so we can all check out some great posts!

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  1. No “sneeze page” yet, but I’ll have to work on one this week. Great idea….. now to “weed” through the posts 🙂
    “Commander Bill” Gunter recently posted..Commander Bill added a blog post

  2. Sorry — I thought I commented on this already. Here’s a link to mine, about “Top Parenting Concerns”
    Joey recently posted..Breaking the Chains of Generational Poverty- Project Kenya

  3. Thanks, Joey. I’ll be sure to check it out!

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