Build a Better Blog: Grab a Magazine

Build a Better Blog: Grab a Magazine

For this week’s task (#24 in the Blogger Challenge), you’ll be doing an offline activity. All you need to complete it is a pack of sticky notes, a notebook, a pen, a magazine (or a newspaper), and an hour of time.

You can do this at home, at the library, or even at a Barnes and Nobles (or a Borders if yours hasn’t closed yet!).   If you head to Borders, I recommend the Raspberry Mocha Kiss (yum!).    Any magazine will work, but for our type of writing, those focused on the ministry might be especially helpful.

Here’s some benefits of this task:

  • Marketing Ideas—the way the magazine markets and pitches itself to readers can teach a lot, particularly what they do on the front cover as it’s all about convincing people to buy the magazine.
  • Post Ideas—whether I choose a magazine on my blog’s topic or not, I almost always come away with a story for a new post. Sometimes the inspiration comes from a completely unrelated topic, but the article’s headline or title could be applied to my niche.
  • Learning About My Niche—if you choose a magazine on your topic it’ll keep you across the latest news and developments.
  • Writing Tips—a good article on almost any topic can teach you a lot about effective communication
  • Reader Engagement—while a very different medium, magazines are increasingly trying to become more interactive with readers by running competitions, setting up online areas, and using reader contributions. I often gain sparks of inspiration from watching how magazines reach out to readers.

Check out the workbook for Darren’s complete process and more details on this assignment.

What about you?

What are you favorite magazines?  And what kinds of things do you think you could learn from them?


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  1. You know, I did Darren’s workbook last summer and LOVED it. In fact, this task was my favorite one out of the entire book! I’ve always loved magazines, so learning to take inspiration from something I already loved was so much fun. Currently, my favorite magazines are Real Simple, Everyday with Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart’s Whole Living. 🙂

    Loving your blog! So excited to go check out more!
    Lindsay {DesignerWife} recently posted..The internet broke up with ME

  2. Good job! what a great post!

  3. Your post is very interesting. I’ve read your blog for few days now and I trully enjoy your blog. Thank you for your great work!