Build a Better Blog: Improve Another Blog

Build a Better Blog: Improve Another Blog

For this week’s task (#26) in the Blogger Challenge, you are to improve someone ELSE’s blog.  Not only will you leave a good impression with a fellow blogger, it’s just an all around nice thing to do.    I remember when I first started blogging and had signed up with Beacon Ads.  Tony from Ministry to Children was the first one to buy an ad space.  He did it to show support for another ministry blogger.   I have to say, that left me with very positive feelings toward’s Tony and his blog, and I send readers there whenever I can.  (Speaking of which, check out the great Mother’s Day ideas over there!)

What Are Some Ways You Can Improve Another Blog?

  • Write a high quality guest post that will be useful to another blog’s readers
  • Leave helpful and insightful comments
  • Link to the blog and share your readers with them
  • Recommend to your readers to subscribe to their blog
  • Email the blogger with some suggested topics you’d love to see them cover
  • Check out the workbook for more ideas and tips on guest posting

My Favorite Way: Link Love

It’s hard to make your way around the web, checking out all the great content every day.  Whenever possible, I try to link to other blogs, highlighting their great content.  Check out some of these link-loving posts:

Blogs I Hope to Improve

Out of all the super quality blogs out there, two I’ve really clicked with are Ministry to Children and A Different Way.  They always seem to have something helpful on the radar, and the guys who run them are always willing to give back.  Over the next month, I hope to leave some helpful comments and direct readers their way whenever possible.

What About You?

What blog do you hope to improve this week (or month)?


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