Build a Better Blog: Let the Reviews Begin!

Hey Everyone!  Sorry for the late post, I was out of town yesterday visiting a friend from college.  This week’s blogger challenge task is to develop an editorial calendar for your blog.  The idea is to brainstorm ideas at the beginning of the week so you don’t have to come up with posts throughout the week.  Instead, you can concentrate on writing.

While Darren (Problogger) suggests coming up with ideas on Sunday or Monday, I’ve found it’s super helpful for me to actually slam out a rough draft of all my posts for the week on Sunday or Monday.  Usually when I start writing, I end up on a roll, making it easier to write five posts at once rather than one post every single day.   What about you?  What’s your best strategy for staying on top of things?

I’ve also realized it’s time for the Blog Review to begin.  If you’d like your blog to be reviewed/evaluated by the other Challenge Bloggers, leave a comment below and we’ll start scheduling.  Next week, we’ll pick a “blog of the week” and post some questions for others to answer about your blog.  If there’s a particular question you’d like addressed, be sure to leave that in the comments as well.  Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

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  1. I use a spreadsheet, color-coded by theme, to keep a running list of ideas. Actually, I tend to keep ideas out in front by 4-6 weeks. Sometimes, I’ll nix an idea coming up and replace it, or I may delay it. This is actually the post that I used to get started:

    I’m a big analyzer and would love to have my blog reviewed and critiqued.

  2. I thought you might, Joey!

  3. Lindsey, thanks for the reminders and keeping us updated.

    I haven’t been able to keep up with everything but I would love to be critiqued.

    Is this your first Christmas with your little one? One it be a blessed time of building eternal memories.

  4. That’s funny, Lindsey. Amazing how well you can get to know someone over a short time in the cyber world.

  5. Please review away on mine as well. Sorry for the drop off for a bit of time, but moving to a new state, buying a new home, starting at a new church, budget time for the children’s ministry and having a baby all in the last 4 months has proven to be a bit.

    Again though, I am looking forward to a review. Will we be told when our review is coming?

  6. Yeah, Todd. I’ll let you know when it’s up. Right now, the schedule is looking like: Joey, Wanda, Todd. Then mine if no one else is interested.

  7. Appreciate it for helping out, wonderful info .

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