Build a Better Blog: Set up Alerts

Build a Better Blog: Set up Alerts

This week’s task (#10) has been one of the most helpful for me.  When I first went through this series (a bit hit and miss, I might admit), this is one of the tasks I completed that really proved to be very useful.  It’s been great with networking and gathering up ideas from other Children’s Ministry workers out there.    The day’s entry in the workbook tells you how to get it all set up.

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I set up Google Alerts and have found it very easy to manage.  Personally I only get alerts once a week, since more than that seemed to be a little overwhelming.  I do alerts for KidMin and Children’s Ministry.  What about you?  What key words will you try?

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  1. Speaking of alerts, I was going through mine today, and found a couple great blog posts I thought I’d share:

    New KidMin Conference Website

    5 Things You Can Do This Week to Improve your CM

  2. I have mine set up for “parenting, children.” Mostly, it gets articles from “non-Christian” articles and blogs, which is a nice change of pace. I get plenty of other insight from RSS feeds and subscriptions from church or para-church ministry sites.

  3. I was thinking the CM Blitz ( site is a great way to stay up to date on things as well.

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