Build a Better Blog: Solve a Problem

Build a Better Blog: Solve a Problem

This week’s task (#16) in our Blogger Challenge is to identify and solve a potential problem for your readers.  Be sure to read the day’s entry in the workbook.  It’s full of great ideas to help you understand your readers more.

Darren suggests checking out the search words people use in order to land on your site.  I’m pretty sure you can do this on Google adsense.  I’d have to play around a bit to figure out exactly how.  He also suggests installing an internal search box called Lijit.  It keeps track of what your readers are looking for, so you can better customize your site.  I just installed this today and am anxious to see how it works!

Another suggestion is to look at a bigger site in your niche (especially if you have a newer blog) to see what people are asking.  A great place to do this is at the Ministry to Children Forums.  See what people are asking, and write a post on it.  Be sure to let people in the forum know as well!

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  1. I installed Lijit and though it’s interesting to see how readers are landing on this site, I’m finding it’s not a very good search engine! It can’t find anything on my site, even with appropriate tags and titles.

  2. Well, Lijit was a bust. You couldn’t find anything with it and it didn’t seem to be provided any difference information than Google Analytics. Off it went!

  3. I just learned from you in this post of the web site “Ministry to Children”. Thanks any others that you or anyone else may know of like this?

  4. Todd, that’s the best one I know of. I’ll keep my eyes open though!

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